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Here’s a little Batman trivia for you and a bit of meta-pop-culture goodness.  Most people are familiar with Batman’s ally in Gotham, Commissioner Jim Gordon, and with his daughter, Barbara, aka Batgirl.  The show, Gotham, has recently started fleshing out (in their own way) Gordon’s wife, also named Barbara.  However, not many people are familiar with Jim’s oldest child, James Jr.


Yeah, you see where this is going.

In both the old and new continuity, James Jr. has a few run-ins with some costumed villains and even as a child, begins behaving very disturbingly, killing small animals and the like.  He is diagnosed and begins a regimen of psychtropic medication.  He leaves Gotham for awhile and returns claiming he’s a changed man and volunteers at Gotham Medical Clinic with Dr. Leslie Thompkins.  Don’t worry, here is where it starts getting good.  It’s then discovered that he’s somehow found a way to reverse his own medication to actually INCREASE his psychopathic tendencies, has been torturing people, poisons his own sister with Joker Juice, and The Good Commissioner and Batgirl have to stop a plot of his to POISON AN INFANT NUTRITIONAL CENTER.  Okay, so let’s review: we have the crazy son of a powerful man who is given charge to protect the good people of the city, but it turns out he’s actually a complete psychopath who will do anything to his family just for kicks.  So, who did Christopher Nolan cast as James Gordon Jr. in the Dark Knight movies?